Charlotte Rørth

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Charlotte Rørth, born 1962 in Copenhagen, holds a degree in journalism and has 25 years’ experience as a business and cultural journalist, editor and commentator as well as heading and hosting cultural events.
She is on the staff of NORDJYSKE Medier and lives in Aalborg with her dog, Coco, and her husband in his grandparent’s house on top of the hill above the city and fjord. Their sons are now grown-up.
She grew up in Copenhagen in leftwing scientific and literary circles, has always read an incredible list of books and prefers to travel, where she can communicate in depth as well as drink dry sherry or rosé.

Charlotte Rørth is currently working on her second book, which will draw on her experiences and talks with her readers in hundreds of events and readings she undertook after the publication 'The Atheist That Met Jesus' - evolving into a nation-wide heated debate.

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