Iceland 1949. Thriving economy - shortage of workers on the farms. 500 young German woman set out to a country most of them had never heard of.

A modern rural portrait of society against the background of late summer Mecklenburg, East Germany.

Gender equality from a man’s perspective.

From Kremlin Flyer Rust to the assassination of Rabin and the party donations scandal around Helmut Kohl.

Get access to Putin.

Why our brains are no computer and what we've got to do to keep it that way.

'Got something for you', he said.

A story of grief, being alone, moving on and acceptance.

»Hard stuff, that's what we need!« (Clemens Meyer)

Rhythm and blues.

Subordinating everything to the illusory guile of money and power. This is what will happen.

This book can be served as appetizer to a meal for as many people as you wish.

Stress is vital.

Together we've got more brains than alone!

How can we live good lives?

Get on board!

Be mad, be irrational. Be courageous enough to live your own life.

Learning not only is expression of vitality. It is its prerequisite.

Religion is the new taboo.

You can. But you must believe so.

Overturning every sterotype. A must-read for every woman. And every man.