• Trees are our spiritual teachers.

    Since antiquity, trees have functioned as symbols for growth, strength and stability. More than that: They possess souls and consciousness. They are our friends and spiritual teachers.

  • SOLD

    ABSOLUTION - Aleš Šteger
    sold to Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva Ukraine

    DEAFENING SILENCE - Birgit Virnich
    sold to Ambo|Anthos Netherlands

    DEAFENING SILENCE - Birgit Virnich
    sold to Euromedia Group Czech Republic

    ABSOLUTION - Aleš Šteger
    sold to Ediciones Arlequín Mexico

    A GERMAN LIFE - Thore D. Hansen
    sold to Bellona Poland

    THE GREAT ESCAPE - Andrea Hejlskov
    sold to Volcano Libros Spain

    THE GREAT ESCAPE - Andrea Hejlskov
    sold to Ambo|Anthos Netherlands

  • 'A Brilliant Talent in the Thriller Field' - Jeffrey Deaver

    This Book Travels is proud to take on worldwide representation of Leigh Russell, author of the Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel series, as well as a spin-off series featuring Geraldine Steel's sergeant, Ian Peterson, in partnership with No Exit Press.

  • A Blend of Sharp Storytelling and Argumentative Rigour

    Fitzcarraldo Editions, an independent publisher based in London and specialising in contemporary fiction and long-form essays, is now partnering with This Book Travels.

  • The Moral Force of a Modern-Day Gulag Archipelago

    Dadin’s torture in IK-7 prison has been the subject of sustained international media attention (in The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.). Now comes the inside story of his journey to the heart of Putin’s authoritarian project.

  • A SPIEGEL Bestseller immediately after publication!

    Superlative praise for Hans Pleschinski and his long awaited new novel WIESENSTEIN.

  • A GERMAN LIFE now out with Bloomsbury in the UK!

    The memoir of Goebbels' secretary. Now out in English with Bloomsbury Publishing UK as THE WORK I DID.

  • Do What You Can with What You Have

    Six years ago my family and I ran into the wild where we settled like pioneers and built our own log cabin. We wanted to implement our ideologies into our every day living.