• A SPIEGEL Bestseller immediately after publication!

    Superlative praise for Hans Pleschinski and his long awaited new novel WIESENSTEIN.

  • SOLD

    A GERMAN LIFE - Brunhilde Pomsel
    sold to Európa Könyvkiadó Hungary

    ABSOLUTION - Aleš Šteger
    sold to Delta Yayinlari Turkey

    THE GREAT ESCAPE - Andrea Hejlskov
    sold to Portál Czech Republic

    sold to Nuova Editrice Berti Italy

    THE HONEST SPY - Andreas Kollender
    sold to Albatros Media Czech Republic

    HOTEL SACHER - Rodica Doehnert
    sold to Libri Könyvkiado Hungary

    THE HONEST SPY - Andreas Kollender
    sold to Nanjing University Press China

  • A GERMAN LIFE now out with Bloomsbury in the UK!

    The memoir of Goebbels' secretary. Now out in English with Bloomsbury Publishing UK as THE WORK I DID.

  • Do What You Can with What You Have

    Six years ago my family and I ran into the wild where we settled like pioneers and built our own log cabin. We wanted to implement our ideologies into our every day living. 

  • Beyond All Explanation - An Unlooked for Meeting With God

    Many people warned me that I would be ridiculed if I went public about my encounter with Jesus. Instead, when I spoke out about my experience, the enthusiasm I met made me realize just how many people are longing to talk freely about the intangible workings of the spirit.

  • The Power of the Divine Female

    Isabelle von Fallois worked on her new book about Mary Magdalene for more than four years. We speak to her about the importance of this holy female figure and what power she exudes. Isabelle also tells us why we can still learn a great deal from her today.

  • Men. Fragile and split Heroes

    For decades women have been debating what it means to be female as part of the fight for gender equality, but it’s been relatively quiet on the male front. Until now.