I met Jesus

Confessions of a Reluctant Believer

What does a non-believing journalist ask Jesus when he appears right in front of her?

Journalist and author Charlotte Rørth was neither a religious nor a spiritual person - before a meeting with a man in the chapel of a Spanish church changed her life. As the man she saw appear before her eyes as if through a hologram was Jesus. The meeting was sudden - but somehow still prepared. Before the meeting Rørth has seen to have been permeated with what one may call a holy light, and others have as well. »You are chosen«, says a small older Spanish woman to her shortly before.

She meets him more than once and this time he speaks directly to her: 'I trust you', he says, and now she masters the courage to share her experiences, knowing full well the impact it will have on her life. For how do you tell the world that you literally have met and talked with the Son of God when family, friends and colleagues know you as a critical thinking and rational human being. And how can you live on with this newly gained experience in today's world, where religious experiences and beliefs are often taboo? Would this not rather be something you keep for yourself so as to avoid the risk of being perceived as a lunatic? Rørth is not really a Christian, not a believer, and was certainly not searching for something. With journalistic thoroughness she begins to seek explanation for her experience and researches deep into similar phenomena. The outcome of which is a beautiful and powerful book touching into something beyond faith. And a most courageous book from a woman who could not keep silent about her encounter with Jesus and her knowledge of his being.


»***** A gripping, raw book.«

»Admirably brave…Bubbling through it is an impressive stream of all-embracing, non-proselytizing joy while all along providing food for thought.«

»Charlotte Rørth possesses the most admirable journalistic features: open-mindedness, curiosity and perceptiveness. It rightly deserves be on the bestseller-list.«

»A literary cut above the rest.«

»Charlotte Rørth manages to relate her findings to a modern existence deeply influenced by the scientific mind-set (...) It deserves to be read.«

» **** These well-written pages glow with enthusiasm!

»I was captivated from the very first page of this fabulous journey into a world usually inhabited by dubious preachers and excitable fanatics. Detours Charlotte Rørth never takes.«

Charlotte Rørth

Charlotte Rørth, born 1962 in Copenhagen, holds a degree in journalism and has 25 years’ experience as a business and cultural journalist, editor and commentator as well as heading and hosting cultural events. She is an author and journalist at NORDJYSKE, where she writes about culture, gender, social trends and faith and lives in Aalborg with her dog, Coco, and her husband in his grandparent’s house on top of the hill above the city and fjord. Their sons are now grown-up. She grew up in Copenhagen in leftwing scientific and literary circles, has always read an incredible list of books and prefers to travel, where she can communicate in depth as well as drink dry sherry or rosé. Read more about Charlotte Rørth at www.charlotteroerth.dk