The Big Glander

Cooking is the sum of the smallest details with the biggest meanings.

New York in the 1990s: Young German artist Gustav Glander is the rising star of the eat-art movement. His artwork and his happenings, influenced by the culinary art, are the talk of the town; critics and collectors are impressed by the oeuvre of the quiet German.
But Glander feels uncomfortable with his success. He realises that the real work of art does not lie in the images of food, but in the trade behind it: Cooking. And, from one day to the next, the big Glander disappears without a trace.

Twelve years later, in a restaurant in Hamburg, Germany: Has Glander suddenly reappeared? Well-known art critic Möninghaus is sure. And when suddenly previously unknown sketches by the lost artist appear in his editorial office the dedicated journalist starts researching. His journey leads Möninghaus from Hamburg to New York, to St. Moritz, to lake Constance and into the Allgäu Alps – when he finally makes a surprising discovery.

THE BIG GLANDER is about the transition from food to art. About coming home, to always be able to choose anew and reinvent ourselves and about love, and love for cooking.


»A summery pleasure, finely spiced, life-affirming. A truly appetizing novel from Germany's culinary master!«

»A passionate plea for cooking and all cooks. And, of course, for savoring. Read it attentively and enjoy. Preferably accompanied with a glass of Sauvignon.«

»Cooking and indulgence as existential passion and a purpose for a happy life and a form of art. An outstanding debut.«

»With compelling persuasiveness Stevan Paul explains why cooking and art are practices of mindfulness providing us with a chance for self-fulfilment.«

Stevan Paul

Stevan Paul, born in 1969, lives in Hamburg. The trained cook works as a journalist and author, is a radio columnist and writes texts, columns and travel reportages for magazines and newspapers like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Effilee, essen & trinken, Apéro and Lufthansa Exclusive. His blog is one of Germany’s most read foodblogs and has been awarded with the Grimme Online Award.