The Book of Miracles

A magical story about losing your childhood - and winning it back again.

Penny and Tom are siblings, but quite different. Penny trusts in life and believes in miracles, whereas Tom always needs scientific explanations for everything. But as more and more unexplainable things happen, he has to develop his own sense of truth. He realizes that the membrane between visible and invisible world has become permeable.

Twelve years later: Tom is successfully working in an advertising agency, when suddenly strange events occur: An old police file is reopened, a mysterious girl knows a lot more than she should, and someone seems to follow Tom. It's in this situation when Tom remembers 'The Book of Miracles', his sister's legacy, which sends him on a journey on which nothing is sure - and Tom has to face his true self.

A gripping and poetic novel about the biggest of all quests: The search for ourselves.


»This novel succeeds in telling us in simultaneously precise and poetic language about highly complex issues such as physics and metaphysics, black holes, and the search for the divine.«

»Anyone reading this poetic novel is not going to forget it. A strange and a strangely moving book.«

»Opens up heart and mind to explore dimensions you don't usually come near. Highly poetic, silly in the best sense, unearthly beautiful - truly not of this world.«

»Fantasy, thriller, science - all of that shines through in this hall of mirrors in Stefan Beuse's unadorned, yet poetic and vigorous style. Strangely wonderful.«

»In our completely disenchanted world Stefan Beuse gives us back some mystery and magic.«

»A novel about believing in phantastic worlds, courage in dark times and that we must always put trust in ourselves for allowing us to be different and have our place in this world. My literary highlight this spring!«

»A wonderful text, which can not be assigned to any established category - strange in a very natural and poetic kind of way.«

»An excellent piece of literature, a fascinating book full of magic.«

»Captured the hearts of its readers by storm.«

»A solitaire, an exceptional piece of art.«

Stefan Beuse

works as a copywriter, journalist and photographer. He has been awarded at the Ingeborg Bachmann Festival, among others, for his novels and stories and lives with his family in Hamburg.