The Cursed Generation
Conversations With the Last Soldiers from WWII

13 Eyewitnesses of the Most Important Battles of World War II Ask to Be Heard

All previous attempts to present a nuanced examination of the darkest period of our history have failed. The legend of an upstanding Wehrmacht has deteriorated to the legend of a criminal Wehrmacht. And yet historical accounts have never provided evidence that more than a handful of Wehrmacht soldiers were involved in that war’s criminal acts and in the Holocaust itself. If we can manage to accept this, then we will be able expand our perspective on the past and learn to understand ourselves even better.
How can we continue to make sweeping generalizations every time we read something about the suffering German soldiers experienced during the “Bloody Sunday” in Bydgoszcz, in the Rheinwiesenlager camps, and the slaughter that occurred on D-Day? Thirteen eyewitnesses open up and provide frank accounts of their experiences. Let us listen to them instead of condemning them.

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Christian Hardinghaus

Dr. phil. Christian Hardinghaus, born in 1978 in Osnabrück, has a masters in History, Literature, and Media Studies, did his postdoc at University of Osnabrück in Propaganda and Antisemitism studies, and is a master of Education in History and German. His historical focus lies on the studying of the Nazi system and the Second World War. He has published non-fiction books as well as novels.