The Honest Spy

During one of history’s darkest chapters, one man is determined to make a difference.

In the tradition of Schindler’s List comes the heroic true story of Fritz Kolbe, a widowed civil servant in Adolf Hitler’s foreign ministry. Recognizing that millions of lives are at stake, Kolbe uses his position to pass information to the Americans—risking himself and the people he holds most dear—and embarks on a dangerous double life as the Allies’ most important spy.

Summoned from his South African post to return to Nazi Germany, Kolbe leaves behind his beloved fourteen-year-old daughter, a decision made for her safety that nonetheless torments him. And as he lives under the constant threat of arrest, he wrestles with the guilt of putting Marlene Weise, a married nurse and the love of his life, in danger as they collaborate on Kolbe’s clandestine work.

But no matter the personal cost, Kolbe will not be deterred. In scenes that pulse with suspense, he emerges as a towering figure who risked everything to save innocent lives—and Germany from itself.


»Extraordinary. A most gripping espionage thriller of the Second World War. Brilliantly researched. A must-read!«

»Entertaining throughout and most thrilling a novel with a fascinating hero. Andreas Kollender turns the life of civil servant and resistance fighter Fritz Kolbe into a spectacular espionage thriller.«

»An intense reading experience reaching far beyond.«

»A thrilling, atmospherically dense book, quite rightly on the list of best thrillers.«

Andreas Kollender

Andreas Kollender lives and works as an author and teacher of creative writing in Hamburg. He has written a number of historical novels. His first literary thriller THE HONEST SPY, the fictionalized story of heroic Fritz Kolbe, a spy in World War II, to be published soon in the US, was a bestseller in Germany and has recently been printed in its fifth edition.