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The Mystery of Trees

Self Awareness, Love, Healing

With an introduction to Forest Bathing the new title by one of Germany's most successful and popular spiritual author

We humans now wield unprecedented influence over our own lifestyle and career paths, which is why it is more important than ever to rededicate ourselves to our essential values in states of silence. Since antiquity, trees have functioned as symbols for growth, strength and stability. More than that: They possess souls and consciousness. They are our friends and spiritual teachers.
Jana Haas will show us how to mindfully come in contact with trees, attuning ourselves to them and absorbing their power. She will introduce us to the energy-charged healing effects of different tree species, and through various exercise, she will provide practical instruction on how we can experiences trees as sites of strength through which we can find our way back to our own essential core of love. Each tree has an important message for us, and this book will teach us how to understand it.

Jana Haas

Jana Haas has Russian roots and has lived in Germany since 1992. She has been a gifted clairvoyant since childhood, and is able to see spiritual dimensions just as clearly as the material world. With the her preternatural gifts, she makes the intersections between the two worlds more tangible to people. Through her clear, caring aura and her books, Jana Haas has won over a large fan base. She passes on her knowledge in lectures, seminars and training sessions. 

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